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Roselle Herbal Tea

Roselle Herbal Tea

Caffeine Free Herbal Infusion

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Roselle Herbal Tea

I strongly believe that beauty begins from within and I am thrilled to bring you this floral blend of pleasant aromatics and beauty tonics.

Herbal teas offer a moment of connection to the botanical world which I deeply cherish. Each nourishing, antioxidant rich flower in this alchemic concoction was grown with care from a single estate, who practise bio-dynamic farming and consider themselves “stewards of the land”, rather than farmers. They – like Skin Alchemists value and focus on quality over quantity. 

Unwind with this summer inspired hibiscus blend! Subtly sweet and tart notes permeate its balanced profile. Packed with Vitamin C rich antioxidants,

Hibiscus is a herbalists favourite flower to aid promote liver health and regulate blood pressure, making it one of my favourite summer drinks. Try as a cold drink on ice!

Certified organic ingredients: Hibiscus, Peppermint, Licorice Root

10 Caffeine Free tea bags, made from compostable material.

Net Weight 1.07 Oz. | 30 grams

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