Our sustainable ethos is a founding pillar which we have continued to build on from the brand's inception. From as early as 2019 we were awarded finalist in the sustainable lifestyle awards skincare category. Even back then we had stopped using Rosewood oil, a key ingredient to our multi award winning Sesenne facial elixir. Although re-formulating and re-testing Sesenne was extremely costly to us in those initial months, there was no compromise in using what became an unsustainable oil.


We source botanicals from small farmers who engage in sustainable farming practices. Many times the relationship with the farmer stems from the pride and integrity they have in their craft and their passion doing things their way, which often yields a more nutrient dense crop. We pay more for these ingredients, but feel it is money well spent. 


We use violet glass its protective benefit to the products. Whilst the glass is 100% recyclable, the plastic part of the pipettes and pumps are not and we are looking into alternatives. In the interim please upcycle by using to store spices,  succulents etc. 

Our shipping boxes are made by a fifth generation company, using vintage equipment from since 1880 and based local to us in London for a low carbon footprint. 

Our note cards and soap boxes are made by an artisan printer whose passion for sustainability questioned the impact of modern manufacturing practices on the environment. They have made a mission of sourcing and refurbishing old printing equipment, in some instances almost 200 years old. These beast of machines were made for durability and in most cases are hand or pedal powered.

The majority of our manufacturing process is handmade in house in micro batches to avoid any wastage