Behind the Brand

Is an Island girl

a tree hugger, star gazer, dreamer. Born on the Caribbean island of St Lucia with a love for peaceful pink sunrises, jaw dropping orange sunsets and the sea in my DNA. I crave fresh food made from ingredients harvested moments before. A philosophy I bring into my self care rituals and formulas.

Ancient Traditions

childhood experiences

My aunt "Mano" was the go to herbalist of the tiny village which I grew up in and influenced my deep belief in the healing power of plants and self-care. For centuries Caribbean people have been using plants, herbs, spices and natural minerals to heal skin ailments.

Through my passion for recreating and returning to ancient selfcare traditions, I've used this ancestral knowledge to formulate nutrient dense, plant based skincare which help celebrate and enhance your natural beauty.

Routine into Rituals

elevating everyday experiences

Each product offers a sensorial experience and is a catalyst for turning routine self-care into indulgent self love rituals. They create moments of pause in the day, in which to immerse your senses in an indulgence of scent and luxurious skincare.

Caring for my skin forms part of my journey to a more holistic lifestyle and a revival of ancient selfcare practices.

What Matters Most

without compromise

Is the quality of our ingredients. Which is why Skin Alchemists products make a visible difference to your skin. We carefully and intentionally formulate using heritage practices and the freshest, most nutrient dense ingredients - in optimum ratios to deliver results.