The Journey


I'm an island girl, tree hugger and a dreamer. I was born on the small Caribbean island of St Lucia with a love for peaceful pink sunrises, jaw dropping orange sunsets and the sea in my DNA. I crave fresh food made from ingredients harvested moments before. A philosophy I bring to my self care rituals.

I have a passion for recreating and returning to ancient traditions. My belief in the power of plant medicine is deeply rooted in my heritage and childhood experiences. I celebrate enhancing natural beauty through luxurious plant based skincare.

These potions are treats, they are products of my journey to a more holistic lifestyle and a revival of ancient practices. It is my hope that in the moment of your ritual, these treats will transport you to a time when skincare was whole and natural, not made in massive factories and cold laboratories, not harmful to nature and animals. 

These treats are a small portion of my journey ...packaged with love... and shared with you.