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    Artisan Soap Bars

    Artisan Soap Bars

    Skin Alchemists Artisan Soap Bars are hand poured and cured for 8 weeks. Luxurious and nourishing for your skin, these soap bars make an elegant and conscious buy.

    Each bar is playfully designed with no two exactly the same, making them a unique gift to yourself.


    the journey

    the journey

    I'm an island girl, tree hugger and a dreamer. I was born on the small Caribbean island of St Lucia with a love for peaceful pink sunrises, jaw dropping orange sunsets and the sea in my DNA. I crave fresh food made from ingredients harvested moments before. A philosophy I bring to my self care rituals.​ 

    These treats are a small portion of my journey ...packaged with love... and shared with you.

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      natural organic chocolate body scrub

      we handcraft

      these bespoke creations in small batches with 100% natural, organic, unrefined, non-deodorized and unbleached butters and oils. The beauty of nature means each batch may vary in colour and fragrance with changes in seasonal harvests. I hope that you will embrace the purity of our creations.