Get into a ritual of romancing your skin

with effective botanicals. a moment that's only yours... breathe - release - relax

Pure. Potent. Plant Based

hand blended in small batches using plant alchemy

rich in heritage and ancient rituals

the secret to your best skin days

raw ingredients

unrefined | pure | potent | as nature intended

the secret sauce to your best skin


turn routine into ritual

with a selection of our best selling favourites in discovery size.

sweet dreams are made of these


Sweet Dreams - £36.00

A therapeutic blend of botanicals to induce the best night sleep.

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Midnight's Serenade - £36.00

the scent of a sweet floral garden in a luxurious intensive skin treatment. 

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“ caring for a newborn was a time when I needed sleep the most, yet taking that first step of switching off and allowing myself to relax was almost foreign to me. I believe allowing our minds to pause after a busy day and acclimatise is the all-important first step in moving from a busy frame of mind to peace and sleep. I formulated these candles as a catalyst to invoke the ritual of transitioning my mind and body from going 100 miles an hour to... ZZzzzz." 

Theresa Edward, founder

meet the alchemist

can I share with you my passion for working with raw, high vibrancy plant ingredients?


The Love Story


ingredients matter



the process


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