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A Herbal Tea Ritual For Stressful Times

Making a cup of tea is such a beautiful thing for me. Depending on my mood it can be a ritual, a ceremony, or an act of self-care. It can be a way for me to connect with my heritage when I use ancestral herbs such as Lemongrass, West Indian Bay leaves, Spices, Soursop Leaves.

In these stressful times, use a tea ritual to create a moment of pause in your day and break from busy schdules with an aromatic blend like our Radiance Herbal Tea. Take some deep breaths, inhale the aroma, release and relax your nervous system. Slow the passing of time for a moment.

Two of my favorite herbs that are nervines (herbs that effect the nervous system in a positive way), and actually taste good - both found in our Radiance Herbal tea blend are: 

Rose "Soothing to the soul, Rose stimulates our capacity for empathy and kindness not only to others but to ourselves as well. It is cooling to the mind, reducing worry and thoughts of rejection. Rose tells us we are okay as we are, and worthy of love"*

Chamomile "is specific to times when we are stressed, feeling whiny and like we just want to cry that it is all too much. It relaxes tightness in the mind and body, allowing you to deal with the world with a little more perseverance and a little less complaining. Chamomile reduces tension in the digestive tract, especially when there is associated bloating and discomfort and is great for adults and children alike."*

*quotes from Aromatic Studies
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