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Aromatherapy Pulse Point Oil

Aromatherapy Pulse Point Oil


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Aromatherapy Pulse Point Oil

Balancing | Tranquil | Soothing

10 ml/ 0.3 fl. oz

An aromatherapy pulse point roller ball, made from a therapeutic blend of the purest essential oils with which to soothe and balance your senses to Equilibrium when the daily overload of emotional rhythms become too overwhelming. 

Equilibrium is the place in which your body, mind and soul can settle. This aromatherapy pulse point oil is a fantastic tool to help you to reduce the impact of something that might be impacting you on multiple levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually, when it feels like you are fighting multiple fights and don't know how to help yourself.

From our founder's childhood medicine cabinet is West Indian Bay- first point of call in Caribbean culture for soothing headaches; Blue tansy to ease anxiety; Fragonia to bring balance and invoke tranquillity; Vetiver to soothe nerves and Patchouli to ground our senses.

Our Alchemists have masterfully blended these potent heritage ingredients in a delivery system of Maracuja oil, famed for its ability to relax your muscles and aid in sleep.

Theresa says: I always have an Equilibrium aromatherapy pulse point roller ball with me to ease my nerves when I'm travelling.

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