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3 Easy Steps to Beat January Blues

The Christmas tree has been put away with the tinsel and this month already seems 1000 days long. 

It's easy to feel a little down and like there's nothing to look forward to in the colder, darker months after the holiday season. If you're like me and suffer from SAD, low moods and gloominess cling on. Here are three of my favourite tips to practice for beating the January blues.

Take Time for Yourself 

We often forget that self-care is just as important as taking care of others. So, take some time for yourself this month and do something which makes you happy. Put your phone away, read a book, listen to music—whatever it is that brings you joy. I'm enjoying a variety of Podcasts at the moment. My current favourites are the Uncanny series on BBC Sounds. Wasn't The Witch Farm just the best? You can also follow Skin Alchemists on Spotify for our favourite playlists. We currently have one for Affirmations of the Heart. 

Give Yourself a Gentle Foot Massage

Master Aromatherapist Denise Roques O'neil recommends that you work along the instep, which relates to the spinal reflexes, then across the sole of the foot and pay attention to the point directly under the pad right in the centre of your sole, massaging in an anti-clockwise direction. I love using our Sweet Dreams Massage Oil Candle for this.

Relax and Medidate with a Tea Ceremony

A warm, soulful brew is what you need to soothe your body and senses into calmness. Drink your own favourite blend, or why not try our single farmed Radiance Herbal tea. I also love a cup of what Caribbean folk call "cocoa tea". For me this is raw cacao, west indian bay, fennel and spices, all brought to a boil and steeped - the longer the tastier.

Wishing Your Blues Away

Theresa xx

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