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Sasawashi Body Scrub

exfoliating body mitt

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If body brushing is too harsh for your skin, our body mitt is the perfect replacement to provide gentle exfoliation, help boost circulation and gently  revitalise skin in the shower.  This all natural mitt is oil absorbing and made from traditional japanese kumazasa plant fibbers that prevent mildew growth and fiber breakage. This cleansing essential is designed for daily use and features a corner accent loop to hang dry after use.


wet your mitt with warm water and use with your favourite Skin Alchemists soap for daily cleansing. 

On skin indulgent days  add a dollop of The Chocolate Cove. Massage all over your body using circular movements towards the heart.  Rinse afterwards and gently towel dry.


  • soft, nourished and luminous skin 

    Suitable for all skin types.100% natural and vegan.

  • Made from Japanese kumazasa plant fibres and cotton. 100% recyclable and decomposable.