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Rejuvenating Facial Elixir

Rejuvenating Facial Elixir


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hypnotic . opulent . transformative

Sesenne is a decadent facial elixir, formulated from 26 nutrient rich botanicals for restorative skin benefits and a healthy micro-biome.

Conjured on Theresa’s kitchen table where she consciously chose a unique blend of flowers and herbs used throughout centuries in folk remedies for their transformative benefits to skin health. She distils the full spectrum of plant nutrients and energy into freshly cold pressed, plant oils over weeks, through a time honoured infusion process inspired by her Caribbean Heritage.

The result is the “Philosophers Stone” for your skin. A decadent plant-nutrient rich elixir which addresses a broad range of skin concerns.

  • Rejuvenating - addresses fine line and wrinkles with key vitamins and antioxidants
  • Balancing - balances skin, reduces blemishes and breakouts
  • Protective - offers antioxidant protection against pollutants and exposure.
  • Nourishing - nourishes skin addressing dryness and overproduction of sebum.
  • Soothing - supports and nurtures compromised and inflamed skin

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