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Seasonal Candle

essential oil scented candle

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A walk through the forest, on a bright winter's day when the air is fresh and crisp.

I'm incredibly lucky enough to live near Epping Forest which has slowly through these times of uncertainty become a sanctuary. Though I visit these ancient woodlands very often, my senses always pick up a subtle difference and yet some things remain the same. Naturally there is always a linger of aged wood with mossy undertones when it rains and a crisp freshness if it's sunny. 

This scent is my un complicated interpretation of Epping Forest and perhaps the simplest of our seasonal essential oil candles so far.

To capture what comes to mind when I think of Epping Forest, I've added Top notes of Wintergreen for a hint of freshness, middle notes of Haitian Sandalwood to represent the aged wood and base notes of Incense wood and Oakmoss.

Our winter scented candle is made from a natural wax blend of coconut and rapeseed oil which is free from additives and currently more sustainable than soya wax. These natural wax candles are hand poured in a unique clay pot, specially designed for us by Nina Paloma, a ceramist based in the seaside town of Deal, but not before adding three lead free cotton wicks for a clean burn.


  • Trim the wick slightly between uses using a wick trimmer for a cleaner burn, At the first burning, allow the wax to melt into a pool all the way to the edges to ensure an even burn throughout.

    During testing we got approximately 60 hours of burn time and do not recommend burning for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. Store in a cool, dry environment and away from direct sunlight to preserve the scent.

  • Made with coconut and rapeseed wax, a lead free  uncoated cotton wick and scented with 100% essential oils. 

  • We used coconut and rapeseed wax which is most sustainable alternative we have found, and an uncoated, lead free cotton wick. The candle was handcrafted in London and poured into a clay container which was handmade by ceramist Nina Paloma. It is large enough to be re-used as a flower pot, coffee mug or storage vessel.